All the comics together in the same place at the same time, may god have mercy on us all…


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Jan 1New year 2015
Jan 12Face detectives
Jan 19Wet clumps
Feb 3The Baggaginses 1
Feb 18The Baggaginses 2
Mar 15Baggaginses 3
Mar 24The Baggaginses 4
Mar 30Don’t go breaking my heart
Apr 1April WW3st
Apr 13Momo de munky 3
Apr 20Mulk
Apr 27How education works
May 4Not in my sky
Jun 5Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 1
Jun 18Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 2
Jul 2Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 3
Jul 7Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 4
Jul 13Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 5
Jul 20Space man jam
Aug 10Wishing for a fish
Aug 17Baloo’s caloos
Aug 24Roller bro-asters
Aug 31Tales of the Squishy Dragon
Sep 7Putump
Sep 13Anakin Part 1
Sep 21Anakin Part 2
Sep 28Anakin Part 3
Oct 5Anakin Part 4
Oct 12Thank gives? Thank YOU!
Oct 19RIP
Oct 26Halloween SPOOK-tacle 2015
Nov 2Professionaliffic
Nov 9Living with life
Nov 16Gobo show show
Nov 23Big beautiful behbeh
Nov 30Major Chaz to ground control
Dec 7Twight O’clock
Dec 14Jailhouse crock
Dec 24Meldarn holiday special
Dec 28New year 2016