All the comics together in the same place at the same time, may god have mercy on us all…


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Jan 1New year 2015
Jan 12Face detectives
Jan 19Wet clumps
Feb 3The Baggaginses 1
Feb 18The Baggaginses 2
Mar 15Baggaginses 3
Mar 24The Baggaginses 4
Mar 30Don’t go breaking my heart
Apr 1April WW3st
Apr 13Momo de munky 3
Apr 20Mulk
Apr 27How education works
May 4Not in my sky
Jun 5Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 1
Jun 18Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 2
Jul 2Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 3
Jul 7Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 4
Jul 13Colonel Sanders’ chicken factory 5
Jul 20Space man jam
Aug 10Wishing for a fish
Aug 17Baloo’s caloos
Aug 24Roller bro-asters
Aug 31Tales of the Squishy Dragon
Sep 7Putump
Sep 13Anakin Part 1
Sep 21Anakin Part 2
Sep 28Anakin Part 3
Oct 5Anakin Part 4
Oct 12Thank gives? Thank YOU!
Oct 19RIP
Oct 26Halloween SPOOK-tacle 2015
Nov 2Professionaliffic
Nov 9Living with life
Nov 16Gobo show show
Nov 23Big beautiful behbeh
Nov 30Major Chaz to ground control