For the past two years the boys down at Jolly Biscuit HQ have been toiling away for your amusement.  But we don’t just produce lovingly handmade comics down in these dark catacombs…  We make little love filled jars sold in bulk at your local Costco.  Operations like that take a lot of manpower and a lot of heart juicing machines, and none of it is cheap.  Several months ago we began working on our first featured product with little more than a computer tablet and the clothes on our back.  In all seriousness me and Blazark have been working tirelessly to complete a fairly large project.  And thanks to an extremely generous contribution made by Calgary Youth Foundation we’ll be able to see this project to it’s completion in the very near future.

So we’d very very VERY much like to send all our lovin’ down the way of the Calgary Youth Foundation for their generosity and support.

Youth Central

Seriously!  Look at the size of that thing!  It almost didn’t fit in the bank when we turned it in.  We never would have made it without you guys!