(((( ****  Please read post as if everything meant the opposite ****))))

Im sorry everyone. I really am. I can’t believe I made this application. I’m such a failure. Why!!!!!! I don’t know what came over me. Sigh. Alas, it is too late.

(((( **** Due to technical difficulties, everything should be taken as the literal meaning from now on  **** ))))

Did you know that there is an app for Well there is.  -_-

The official jollybiscuit app will make you laugh your biscuits off(no reference intended)! The app is currently going through review, containing an automatically updated archive of comics from Plus, it comes with a free plushie!(offer just expired, you won’t be getting the plushie >:D) Jolly Biscuit(app name) will be released on to the app store in this comic week for the humongous price of $0000.0000! Please keep updated, as soon as this app is released, all of you who read this blog shall be the first to know! Look forward to an extra comic on app release day. As with Nubly, I’d like to apoligize for making this app and if unstoppable laughter comes over you when using this app, try punching the person next to you 3 times in the noggin.

(Hows that, Nubly? Is my futile stab at humor satisfactory? HEY! Don’t do that! Its not that awful! No, stop!             – message will be continued, as the fate of Blazark the Infernal “Immortal” is still unknown. Was he KIA? Stay                    tuned for next week on: Twenty Ways to trick & confuse your audience!